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Terms & Conditions:


Recovering / reupholstering can be unpredictable and whilst we try our best to quote costings, fabric quantities and lead times as accurately as possible there can be circumstances out of our control which can affect those factors. 

Our upholsterers try their best to quote based on pictures and measurements, but the only real way to understand the scope of the job is to have the item in front of you. Even then, there can be surprises under the fabric once the piece has been stripped. 

If you are opting to simply recover your item, and upon beginning work our upholsterer recommends either replacing seat cushions or completely reupholstering, we at AHBD strongly recommend that you do this to ensure that the final result is to a high standard. 

Made to Measure Curtains & Blinds:

All measurements will be confirmed in writing. It is your responsibility to confirm that all details are correct. Through payment of an invoice, you are confirming that all details are correct and you are happy to proceed with the order. You must bring any discrepancies to our attention before approving.

As these items are made specifically to your requirements, they cannot be returned, unless faulty.

Please note that fabrics can react to different temperatures and environments and this can cause sagging. Any adjustments can be amended after the curtain or blind has had a chance to settle in.

We will be in touch to arrange a fitting date. Once everything has been assembled it is your responsibility to check these over whilst the fitter is on site, so that they can make any changes if required. Please be sure to thoroughly check you are happy: draw the curtains, put the blind up/down.

If you notice something wrong with your curtains and/or blind after the fitter has left, please get in touch with us.


Please thoroughly check the contents are correct and in good condition as soon as possible after receiving the order. If not, contact us immediately to allow time for any necessary changes to be made. 

If your order arrives damaged or faulty, please take pictures of damaged packaging and/or items. 

Please do not continue with work if you are unhappy with the item due to faults or damage, as a refund is not guaranteed if we cannot return items. 


When purchasing fabric through us, we advise that you use our sampling service to see the fabric prior to placing an order, to ensure that you are happy with the item. Shades can sometimes vary slightly between batches, so if the colour match is imperative, please ask us to order you a ‘stock cutting’ of the current batch.

Fabrics are not guaranteed against colour fading.

Fabrics to be used for domestic upholstery need to comply with the Furniture and Furnishing Fire Safety regulations which came into effect in 1988. If they do not meet regulations, we will need to take measures to ensure that they do, either by using a barrier lining or having the fabric backcoated.

Unless it is specifically stated on the fabric how to clean it, we recommend that you seek professional advice before cleaning it. In any event, we cannot accept responsibility for any changes whatsoever that occur in the fabric due to the cleaning process.

Fabric, wallpaper and paint quantities:

If you are using our supply only service, we will always ask that you and/or your decorator/upholsterer/curtain maker calculates the quantity of paint, wallpaper or fabric required. We strongly recommend ordering 10% more than calculated to allow for wastage and to give you extra in case of future touch-ups. We unfortunately we are unable to accept returns on any excess.