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Vincent Sheppard Vincent Sheppard Vincent Sheppard Vincent Sheppard

Vincent Sheppard

Vincent Sheppard is a Belgian furniture company specialising in producing paper woven Lloyd Loom furniture.

Lloyd Loom was invented in 1917. The Kraft Paper is twisted round metal wire, paper threads are placed on the loom and woven, and this is the traditional Lloyd Loom fabric. Every chair is still made by hand using traditional methods of production. The quality is second to none, the best raw materials and production methods are used resulting in furniture which is made to resist, even heavy contact use.

Vincent Sheppard offers a dazzling collection of contemporary furniture. The range is extensive with 32 colours. It is easy to maintain, you just clean with a moist towel. It ages beautifully, is extremely comfortable, strong and durable. The weave is smooth and does not scratch or snag clothes. The outdoor furniture is neat, shiny and weatherproof. It is rigid and has an ultralight aluminium frame. The fibre-covered metal cores for strength and resilience is suitable for outdoor and indoor applications.