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K.A.ROOS unique signature is the skill of paint ageing and distressing along with an extensive palette of period colours. Each colour has been especially developed to reflect the unique quality of the paints used by artists of the 18th century. They insist on painting each item individually by hand. The depth of the special finish is complete only after five painting processes. The highlighting and shading of accent colours along the lines and shapes of the mouldings gives the finish its exceptional depth. It is the refinement of these techniques and rediscovering these wonderful period colours which makes each and every piece of furniture truly unique. To help you find that perfect match between your furniture and your interior d├ęcor, K.A.ROOS offers to produce furniture in the colour of your choice.

Locks & Hinges
All locks and handles are selected for quality. The steel keys and brass handles are copies from antique originals. All our furniture has a discreetly positioned brass plaque for identification purpose.

Whether traditional or more contemporary, the luxurious furniture styles of every era have used gilding as a way to focus attention or provide an accent colour. With the cost of gold leaf and the extraordinary skill required to apply and properly burnish it, the work remains a tedious hand trade practice by only a few.

All colours are available with specking and distressing. Accent colours, gilding and silverleafing available.

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