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Manuel Canovas collection 2010

Manuel Canovas collection 2010

Many-coloured threads and bold designs define this outstanding new collection. Fresh pink, glistening silver, warm red, orange and caramel enliven the Canovas palette, which is striking and sophisticated as ever. Rich textures delight the eye. Abstract designs and innovative weaves comprise the Tate book while the Zénith range features silks, with stylish embroideries including the signature design Scarlett with its starbursts of petals. Quite different in feel are the fabrics in Vence inspired by the lifestyle and light of Southern France. Here we have the fresh, naive tulips of Tania, hand-mbroidered on linen, and Vence with embroidery recreating the brushstrokes of an abstract floral from the 1930s.
An exciting choice of plains ranges from the sheen of silk satin Salsa and the finely ribbed ompadour II, both in 32 stunning colours, to the soft lambs wool luxury of Skye and the hand-woven look of Atlas. This contrast between glossy silk and soft matt wool and linen characterises the whole series.
Wallpapers are gloriously spirited, whether the elegance of Sark?s birds in flight or the larger scale peonies of Séréna.

Versatile and luxurious, Saint Honoré plain velvet is washable and hard-wearing.An unequalled hoice of 19 colours includes burnt orange and apple green, as well as dusky greys and a sumptuous pink.
Nine of these colours are also available in the co-ordinating raised velvet stripe of Odéon.
The patterned weaves of the Mistral range feature another jacquard velvet Banon, a two-tone trellis suitable for upholstery. Texture is again prominent in Anduze with its contemporary rippled surface. Foliage silhouettes woven in silver thread on coloured grounds decorate Bastide and the elegant stripe Mistral pairs bands of colour with fine pinstripes. All fabrics are suitable for both domestic and contract use.

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