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Checks & Stripes

Checks & Stripes

A beautiful range of checked and striped linen/cotton blends strike the perfect balance between the traditional check and stripe, and thanks to a clever use of scale and repeat patterns, brings a more simplified aesthetic for interiors this season. Designed in the UK, this range of ?cheeky? checks and sophisticated stripes starts off in a cool coastal earthen inspired palette with names such as Sky, and Lagoon and moves through to a much hotter warmer palette such as Carnival and Berry as we move into high summer and early Autumn.

Designed here on home-grown soil in the UK and developed in conjunction with their specialist Italian weavers, Linwood has created eighteen new stripy designs, which work hand and hand with an additional twelve checked designs. Mix and match to create a play on patterns. Each has been woven with great skill for dimensional tactility.

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