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Intaglio Collection

Intaglio Collection

The Intaglio Collection is inspired by James Brindley's love of the old and the new. Delight in five designs on especially soft silk velvet that inject modern glamour or rekindle historic styling.

The master design Intaglio features foliage, resplendent in flecks of metallic embroidery that are reminiscent of a hand engraved or etched printing plate. Feel liberated by the scattered crystals of Stellar or safe in the regimented cord effect stripes of Hussar.
Scrolling Acanthus, lavished in embroidery is the true crowning glory. In contrast there is a simple companion; Intaglio Plain, available in all five iridescent shades. Flourishing Cartouche shares the eloquence of the calligraphy it would have once ornamented, a perfect close to our introduction.

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