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Chantilly Collection

Chantilly Collection

The new Chantilly collection from James Brindley Fabrics is a beautiful interpretation of the best of French style; each design artfully blending palatial grandeur with rustic simplicity.

Befitting to the imminent arrival of Spring, there are six compositions in the collection and six irresistible shade families. Pin-striped cotton Napoleon, Lille vine (silk) and Loire Buddleia (linen) make strong yet varied vertical statements while the stunning avenues of blossom trees bring an eternal spring beauty to Chantilly, spreading accents of the glorious outdoors into the home.

The Versailles linen embroidery has an endearing naivety, an unexpected character for a large scale design that could have once been prized heavy silk damask. The Lyon thistle embroidery has the powerful presence of a traditional emblem or crest and yet a purity befitting of chic modern interior schemes.

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