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Opt for unique and thoughtful gifts this Christmas

Opt for unique and thoughtful gifts this Christmas

We’re on the countdown to Christmas and many of us are still desperately trying to find the perfect gift for a close friend or relative. What do they want? What do they need? What to buy?!

“Oh, I don’t want anything,” your other half says. But you know that isn’t true. Then there are your close friends, parents, in-laws… you could ask them what they want, and, if you’re really lucky, they’ll tell you, but that can take all the thoughtfulness and surprise out of the event.

Philosophy has taught us that giving to others can make us happier than treating ourselves. But before that happiness, there can be a whole lot of stress! Finding the perfect gift for someone is tricky. It’s very easy to spend hours browsing the Internet or trawling the shops in a frenzy, losing sight of what you really want to give to that particular person.

Sometimes it’s best to take a more planned, organised approach to finding the perfect gift. The problem is that we often think about giving gifts as the exchange of objects. Alternatively it can help to think of a gift as a communication that sends a message to the recipient. Of course this is obvious, but often we forget it when on a hectic shopping trip!

If you plan your gift giving in advance you may find you save a lot of time in the long run, and as a result end up with the perfect gift! Ask yourself first, “What do I want to say to this person?” and “What can I give them that will send this message?”. This method could help you come up with some slightly quirky gifts, but at least they will be thoughtful.

First of all, make a list of all the things the person is interested in and things that define who they are. Make this list long, writing down as many things as you can. Now brainstorm something to go with every item on that list. You don’t have to give all of those gifts, but you’re going to get some brilliant ideas you wouldn’t have otherwise, and your recipient will appreciate how personal and considerate you were.

We have put together some suggestions to help you to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, some inspiration we hope will put a heart felt smile on their faces.

The special lady
Does your better half need to put her feet up and take a break from it all? Something as simple as a luxurious, stylish and deliciously cosy throw can tick all the boxes.

The Adventurer
Does the man in your life dream of flying, riding, driving, climbing… give him a little something to remind him adventure is just round the corner.

The Kids, young and old
Everyone needs something comforting to cuddle up to at night - this beautiful soft toy is highly original and will look great on any bed.

Home Lovers
A beautifully designed wall clock is a relatively simple way to please home décor lovers and gives a personal touch to your gift giving.

The cook, or the host of the house
These trays are not only beautiful and unique they are also very useful for anyone who takes pride in their home and kitchen.

Go getters and jet setters
What does a super busy successful business person need? Time, probably. There are masses of tasteful products out there to help people run their lives more efficiently. Choose something out of the ordinary…

The game player
A game is a great way to bring people together – to spend time with a loved one and enjoy each other’s company. A gift of a game, particularly if it’s as beautiful as this, can say so much more than ‘Happy Christmas!’

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