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Making Room

Tailor-made bedroom storage solutions can help to control clutter and streamline
your living space in chic interior-designer style.

There's no doubt that well designed and fitted bedroom furniture can make life easier and less stressful. Having a place for everything and everything in its place allows us to think more clearly and be better organised; it's the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of daily life. Think of it as an investment - you will enjoy living in the uncluttered space you create and the extra storage will prove to be an asset when you move on and sell your home.

A walk-in dressing room might be the ultimate stylish storage solution but if, like most of us, you simply don't have the space, a really good alternative is to have something designed specifically for your room. That way you will be sure to end up with exactly the right amount of hanging space for your needs, as well as deep drawers for woolly jumpers, wraps and throws, dedicated compartments for lingerie, socks and other accessories, and open racks for storing shoes.

Amanda Hanley's designers work from wall to wall, within alcoves, floor-to-ceiling and over doorways, making the most of every spare ounce of space to build an air of effortless calm. Even the smallest nooks and crannies can be effective for adding storage, while in awkward-shaped attic rooms bespoke cupboards make the most of limited wall space below sloping ceilings.

In smaller rooms sliding doors can be used to create a flush exterior, leaving room for other furniture items, such as bedside tables, where the hinged doors of a standard wardrobe might otherwise need space to open out. Mirrors can be clad to wardrobe exteriors or, if you prefer, fitted to pull-out runners and tucked away inside the wardrobe when not in use. Other good ideas include the pull-out slim-line handbag cabinet, a concept borrowed from kitchen design that is a must for anyone with more than a couple of handbags.

Lighting, as ever, is essential. It's important to have integrated LED lights set inside the wardrobe; we also recommend installing these on the underside of shelves to illuminate the handling below. For a really elegant touch the lights are set to work on a sensor, so they go on automatically as the cupboard doors are opened. Meanwhile, lighting spots or ceiling coffer details can also be used to illuminate the outside of the wardrobe and create a statement in the bedroom.

Amanda Hanley's bespoke designs create storage furniture that is perfectly proportional to your room as a whole and you can make it stand out as much or as little as you like. Some of our clients prefer their built-in furniture to blend in subtly with the d├ęcor while others opt for special detailing, using wardrobe exteriors to provide an interesting focal point for the room. Options include adding decorative moulding and motifs, or choosing unusual finishes such as faux leathers and suede to give the room a luxurious feel.

With our dedicated and highly skilled team of design and installation specialists, Amanda Hanley By Design will provide you with an excellent service in terms of innovation, materials, craftsmanship and finish. We can design and make classic, timeless-looking furniture to match existing pieces as well as tailoring storage solutions to our clients, own unique specifications. In an age of functionality and mass production, it is always refreshing to find highly skilled artisans delighting in fine craftsmanship and creating unique, beautiful pieces using authentic materials, traditional skills and time-honoured methods.

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